Becky, Dr. Orr’s wife, studied at Youngstown State University earning both her BS and MS in biology.  After college, Becky worked for the Fortune 25 company, Procter and Gamble, for 10 years.  For the first 8, she did market research and product development for the Iams dog and cat food brand.  It was during this time that she decided she loved business and went back to school to get her MBA from Wright State University focusing on Marketing and Management.  For her last two years with P&G she managed a quality assurance laboratory that produced products like Swiffer, Febreze, Mr. Clean and Cascade.  After the birth of their first son, Becky decided to “stay home” to take care of their son while he was young.

Becky wasn’t always a believer in chiropractic care.  She grew up in a very small town in NE Ohio in a family that was fairly skeptical of chiropractic care.  If you didn’t feel well you went to the medical doctor not the chiropractor for medicine.  And if someone experienced back pain or headaches you first tried to hide the symptoms with as much Aleve or Excedrine Migraine as the bottle would allow and then if the pain didn’t let up it was time to get a full workup from your MD.  But after Doug announced that he wanted to pursue a career in chiropractic she decided she better go and “test out” the product.  She had a lifetime of headaches and two full works ups including CT scans and MRI’s by medical doctors and not one had ever recommended chiropractic care for her headaches.  So when she first visited her local chiropractor and he said he thought he could significantly decrease her headaches she rolled her eyes.  But he took x-rays and showed her where there was a slight misalignment that was more than likely causing her headaches.  After her first few adjustments much to her disbelief her headache became fewer and farther between.  She now tries to stay on a regular adjustment schedule to keep her spine in great shape to keep the headaches at bay.

In her spare time (hahah), Becky tutors students in math, science and business.  She also competes with her dogs in conformation and agility and enjoys helping others train their dogs.  Becky and Doug have three young boys (2 year old and twin infants) that never surprise them with their crazy antics!