Do you have low back pain, but medical doctors told you there was nothing wrong?  Tired of taking muscle relaxers and pain medications?  Maybe you should try chiropractic care to treat your low back pain.


According to the National Institute of health, low back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and the leading cause of missed work in the United States and affects approximately 38% of people worldwide.


Most low back pain is caused from the joints of the low back not moving properly.  When movement is limited in motion, then this can cause pain by causing tension in the muscles.  Chiropractic can effectively treat low back pain by restoring motion and decreasing muscle tension.  Massages are helpful for low back pain, but if the joints are not moving properly, then there will be chronic tension with the muscles. Once the joints of the back are moving better, then exercises can be more effective in keeping your back moving the way it was intended to move.


According the American Medical Association, patients are suggested to try chiropractic care prior to surgery.  Since most low back pain is mechanical in nature (affects joints and muscles), chiropractic care makes sense for helping with most low back pain disorders.  When joints throughout the spine begin to decrease in motion, then this will increase the progression of degenerative changes that contributes to arthritis.


Get back to doing the things that you love doing without pain!